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Categorie : Sushi restaurant

  • Adresse : Vispastrasse 20, 3920 Zermatt
  • Téléphone : +41786351622
  • Site Internet :
  • Snowboat à domicile : pas d'information
  • Snowboat ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Snowboat :

- Cadres sympa, bonne ambiance, service super efficace et sympa. Niveau nourriture… Privilégier le poisson  !

- Superbe terrasse et plats de grande qualité. Service 'made in Italia'. Un très bon moment.

- Très bons sushis bonne ambiance excellent service.

- Sympathique bar qui fait egalement restaurants. Rooftop.

- A emporter, tout tip top.

- Friendly fun après ski  !

- SUPER le hamburger valaisan.

- Great apres  !

- Ambiance grandiose.

- Bonne nourriture et bonne bière  ! Nous avons eu des quesadillas en entrée qui étaient vraiment savoureuses et accompagnées de trois sauces. En tant que plat principal, les hamburgers étaient incroyables et étaient accompagnés d'une salade de chou qui était bien meilleure que n'importe quelle salade de salade de chou que j'ai eue auparavant  ! Le personnel était également assez sympathique et amusant.

Shogun Japan Restaurant

Categorie : Japanese restaurant

  • Adresse : Brantschenhaus 3, 3920 Zermatt
  • Téléphone : +41279662844
  • Site Internet :
  • Shogun Japan Restaurant à domicile : pas d'information
  • Shogun Japan Restaurant ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Shogun Japan Restaurant :

- It dœsn't get any better than what we experienced today  ! The food was cooked with fresh ingredients and you could taste the love that the chef put into it. The personnel was extremely attentive and really helpful at all times. They really wanted to make sure that we have everything we need and more. The athmosphere in the restaurant is very cosy and feels like home. Every dish we had was cooked to perfection. I highly recommend the gyoza, the fried tofu and the ramen. They also have enough vegetarian options. If you're in Zermatt and looking for a fun evening with great food look no further. We will definitely visit again  ! Thanks for everything  !

- We ordered chicken ramen, fish udon and the dragon roll. The food was superb and service was friendly. The restaurant is tucked in a corner, so glad we did not miss it - what a hidden gem  !

- They changed a new team last month as they told me that is why i tried to order the things in the review, they don’t have. The new team is very welcoming and friendly. For the dishes i highly recommend is the Salmon Rice Bowl.

- Attentive staff, very good food, cosy atmosphere. We had a lovely evening, thank you  !

- Had lunch here, both ramen and udon taste good ! also the staff who serve me are so friendly *the guy with tattoo* also the place is so clean, at lunch sushi not available.

- We ordered a selection of sushi and the salmon teriyaki to take away. The fish was very good quality and the staff were very attentive, they kindly provided complimentary rolls while we waited  ! I would highly recommend.

- The food is okay. Not terrible but not great. The karaage chicken batter is too little= not enough crisp. The miso udon w tempura was not bad  ! The broth was nice and light. Texture of the udon was good. The tempura batter was off though. I dont think they used panko, so the batter was just one thick layer instead of having the characteristic spiky crunchiness of panko. There was a sake deal (buy 1 get 1 free) but the sake quality was not great and quite bland.

- Best Sushi in Zermatt, the Chef is amazing.

- Had a lovely dinner here, had gyoza and ramen, really yummy, nice wines. Our waitress was lovely, only quibble was asking for tap water, which we were told would be free, then and being charged 7CHF for a litre of room temp tap water. Otherwise was great.

Fuji of Zermatt

Categorie : Authentic Japanese restaurant

  • Adresse : Schluhmattstrasse 19, 3920 Zermatt
  • Téléphone : +41279666161
  • Site Internet :
  • Fuji of Zermatt à domicile : pas d'information
  • Fuji of Zermatt ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Fuji of Zermatt :

- If you're a fan of Japanese cuisine and are looking for an exceptional dining experience, I highly recommend visiting this restaurant. The food is incredible, the chef's skills are top-notch, and the atmosphere is delightful. It's definitely worth a visit  ! The food was incredibly delicious, and the chef's skills were simply outstanding. What made this dining experience even more unique was discovering that the chef Sam is from Malaysia, which added a beautiful blend of flavors to the dishes. From the sashimi, sushi rolls to the grilled meats and seafood, every dish was crafted with precision and care. The presentation of each dish was also impeccable, making it a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds. The ingredients used were fresh and of high quality, which was evident in the taste of the food. The atmosphere of the restaurant was also very pleasing, with the perfect lighting and decor creating a cozy and welcoming environment. The service was attentive and friendly, which added to the overall experience.

- Nous avons passé une bonne soirée. Le serveur italien était super sympa ! Nous sommes arrivés tard et le cuisinier nous a servi l'entrée et le plat en même temps. Un peu dommage. Mais le show et le repas était bon. Le morceau de saumon était vraiment petit tandis que la viande du deuxième menu était bien. Vu qu'on était tard, le cuisinier n'a pas voulu nous faire le dessert flambé mais les mocchis étaient bons. Apparemment presque meilleurs qu'une banane simplement flambée. Nous étions quasiment les seuls, juste quelques personnes qui finissaient leurs repas. Donc l'ambiance est très certainement bien différente quand c'est plein. Adapté aux enfants : Pas vraiment adapté aux petits enfants.

- The best sushi ever in my ???????????????????????? ????????????????. I love the salmon and edamame  !

- The best live cooking station. Chef Azmi did the best dishes with a very funny act. In love with this place. Food was really fresh and delicious. Highly recommended.

- Teppanyaki in ski resort town, only tried the chicken and salmon which are so so, the place filled with smoke from the cooking which is unpleasant for me. The taste of food is ok. Service is ok.

- Nous avons passé une agréable soirée dans ce restaurant qui propose un teppanyaki, ce qui le distingue des autres établissements. Nous avons opté pour un menu, et je dois dire que le rapport qualité-prix est excellent. Les ingrédients utilisés étaient d'une grande qualité. Je recommande vivement cet endroit à tous ceux qui recherchent une expérience culinaire différente.

- Best place for Sushis  ! You can order exactly which Sushi you want, they prepare them fresh for you  ! Very tasty ! Thanks to the Chef  ! Friendly staff  !

- Excellent Thai - really good service and quality of food. Interesting decor. It's based on an upside down ship.

- Le chef vient de Malaisie, c'est pourquoi nous sommes ici pour soutenir la Malaisie. Je t'aide, tu m'aides. Le prix est supérieur à la moyenne mais le service est très bon. C'est ainsi que vous obtenez ce que vous payez.

- Temps d’attente super long, un seul cuisinier ce soir la pour toutes les tables… Repas super bon mais dessert qui ne suit pas, une demi banane avec du chocolat de grande surface et une boule de glace ça ne fait pas rêver.

Restaurant Myoko

Categorie : Japanese restaurant

  • Adresse : Tempel 2, 3920 Zermatt
  • Téléphone : +41279668739
  • Site Internet :
  • Restaurant Myoko à domicile : pas d'information
  • Restaurant Myoko ouvert le dimanche : pas d'information

Liste des commentaires pour Restaurant Myoko :

- Go to this restaurant only if you’re craving sushi in a country that ordinarily dœsn’t specialize in non-European cuisine. This restaurant has a decent looking menu, but the quality of their fish and ingredients is definitely subpar compared to other restaurants outside of Switzerland. Also be prepared to pay serious Swiss franks at this restaurant. Service is nice and the restaurant looks great from the outside.

- The service was absolutely wondeful, the location was right on the main street with a terrace as well as comfortable indoor seating. The food was excellent, well worth the price. An easy recommendation.

- We expected a little more from the best rated Japanese restaurant in the area. Sushi was good overall but only starter tuna carpaccio was really excellent. Very pricey with regards to the ok ish quality.

- Toujours aussi impeccable, personnels aimable et souriant  ! On a bien mangé comme d'habitude ! Et le cadre toujours aussi chic et agréable. Je sais pourquoi je suis venu et pourquoi je reviendrai.

- Super overpriced, mediocre quality, the edamame was not so good with loads of salt on it, burned our lips, the sushi was just mediocre, small portions and got nothing compared to your sushi in Zurich which is a lot cheaper. God I’ve never thought in my entire life that I would consider sushi in Zurich to be value for money. But it is compared to this craziness  ! The soy sauce and wasabi are both of the cheap quality, soy sauce was way too salty and wasabi tasted like the cheap stuff in plastic packaging. They probably want you to drink more water because a small bottle of mineral water costs 9 francs there  ! I understand there might be a bit of logistics difficulties to transport fresh fish to the mountains. So the conclusion is, don’t bother to try Japanese restaurants in the Swiss mountains unless you’re desolatere for it for some reason. The service from the lady who greeted and served us was also cold, without any smiles. Judging from her level (lack) of happiness at work, I am not sure how much the restaurant owner pays its employees despite the hefty prices charged to customers. ?????? We had the sushi boat in the pictures below + one bowl of edamame + 2 small bottles of mineral water, and the bill without tips amounted to 192 Swiss francs. I really don’t understand the reviewers who claimed this was super authentic Japanese food. Really. Would have given 2 stars if not for the pretty designs and decorations.

- Very nice food, delicious. Worth Swiss price. We even return to have dinner consecutive day. We have Luigi service for us for both day and he was excellent. Prompt and always pay attention. Sale was the teppan yaki chef for us and he cook very well. Always ask our favorite on how to cook. With not so many asian restaurant in Zermatt, I can confirmed this is the hidden gem.

- Beyond expectation. Very friendly staff and cook, chef, all the way to resto manager. - they allowed us place an order and book a table ahead of opening even to an off menu items  ! super splendid. To top it off, all meals were ready to serve when we were back for dine in. - fresh quality of sashimi and sushi, heartwarming miso and special cook teriyaki. - dishes were made halal friendly  ! no mirin added to even suggested changing into other options if they knew it has non-halal ingredients. Very delightful when the cook, whom happened a Malay, offers us hot spicy sambal. Super splendid. Parking : no parking for sure in Zermatt Adapté aux enfants : surely to bring your little ones here. Many dœs  ! Accessibilité en fauteuil : unfortunately there aint one.

- Cela fait trois ans sans retour. Le lieu est le même, le nom est le même, la nourriture est la même, mais la sensation est différente.

- Our group was able to book reservations day of for 6. Many in the group got the “menu” which provided several courses. We sat at the hibachi table and got quite a tasteful show. It was a nice evening with yummy food  !

- Simply the most authentic Japanese restaurant in Zermatt with impeccable attentive service. The set menus were really value for money. Highly recommended.

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